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KYTA Newsletter - Issue 169 - 15/10/2011

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Weekly Words of Wisdom

What about 11/11/2011 ?

By Shiv Charan Singh

There is no reason to believe that anything grand or special will happen on this day, compared to other special things that have happened on many other days. Still the prevalence of the number 11 on that day is exciting to some people... Read full article.


KYTA Events

New Kundalini Yoga Classes

Teacher: Preet Kaur
Date: Wed 10 - 11.30am
Venue: Bristol City Yoga, 16 Blackfields Lane, Bristol BS2 8QW
Price: £9 or £7 concession
Contact: 07704 636 647, preetkaur108@yahoo.co.uk

Teacher: Kris Bromley (Updesh Kaur)
Date: Mon 8 - 9.30pm
Venue: Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Road, Teddington TW11 9NN
Price: £10
Contact: 07730 637558, oceanic.therapy@yahoo.co.uk

Teacher: Carolyn Cowan
Date: Tue 12 - 1.30pm (starting 15th Nov)
Venue: St Barnabas Church Hall, Callton Ave, Dulwich Village, London SE22 7DG
Contact: 07790 707232, cosmos@dircon.co.uk, www.carolyncowan.com

Teacher: Jaikar Kaur (Ciara McElroy) maternity cover for Avtar Kaur (Karen O'Brien)
Date: Wed 7 - 8.30pm Oct - Dec 2011
Venue:  Shern Hall Methodist Church, Shernhall Street, London E17 9HX
Price: £10 / £8 concession
Contact: 077867 95631, jaikar.kaur@yahoo.com

Teacher: Jap Inder Kaur (Kim Brown)
Date: Wed 8 - 9.30pm
Venue: Bushmead Community Centre, Hancock Drive, Luton LU2 7SF
Price: £7 per class (walk-ins), £6 (pre-booked) or 6 classes for £30 (in advance)
Contact: 01582 614026, 07984 344479, taiwanabekim@yahoo.co.uk

Teacher: Natalie Dorchester
Date: Sat 9.30 - 10.30am
Venue: Pop Up Yoga Studio, 199 Upper Street, Islington N1 1RQ
Price: £12 Drop in, £60 block of 6 classes
Contact: 07528 201263, yoga@nataliedorchester.com, www.nataliecorchester.com


Aquarian Sadhana

Sat 15th & Sun 16th October 5 - 7.30am 
with Karam Kriya School at Alchemy

Japji Sahib, yoga and meditation. Live music - Donations kindly appreciated. "The best way in life is to be, simply to be. Let the spirit, let the soul, let the self shine like sunshine." - Yogi Bhajan. Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AH, info@alchemythecentre.co.uk.


Exploring Your Date of Birth: Soul Connection

Fri 21st October 6.45 - 9.15pm
with Karam Kryia in London

An invitation to think differently about the time cycles of the day, month, year and century and our relationship to them: If the roots of the soul are our link to the infinite, And the tree of life is a process to shape it. Then let’s water and nourish this connection to our soul, Not filling the infinite gap with endless turmoil. Is our daily fuel burning us out? Or are our energy levels allowing the leaves to sprout? The daily cycle of duality will also be explored, Such as day/night; life/death; light/dark and much more, Our relationship to father and in general male energy, Will play a part in our evening of sharing and healing. Through this infinite flow of time, may we reach our pure essence, Quenching our thirst wisely to love our own presence. Download Flyer.

Investment: £15. Venue: Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, Kings Cross, WC1H 9NS. Contact Angad Kaur, 07771 803562, angadakaur@karamkriya.co.uk, www.karamkriya.eu.


Guru Ram Das Project - One For The Heart

Sun 23rd October 4 - 6.30pm
with Surinder Kaur in Shepherd's Bush

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan: From Stress to Strength. Free the flow of life force. Stress management with Pranayama. Working with the breath, tattvas and kriya, we will learn to let go of stress, strengthen the nervous system and reconnect with the universal flow of life force - Prana. "Breathe consciously, breath is the tender charge of the divine... a limited life force. Control the source of energy (Breath) and control the earth with superior consciousness that no negativity can enter." - Yogi Bhajan, Oct 27th 1969. View flyer in browser.

Investment (recommended donation): £10. Venue: Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara, Upper Hall, 58-62 Queensdale Rd, London W11 4SG.


Shakti Dance

Sat 22nd October 12.30 - 2pm
with Antoinette Williams in Deptford

A fun, easy to follow simple steps & gentle yoga stretching. Unique blend of various styles of dance. Breathing techniques to enhance energy. Open to all levels! Be prepared to Move, Groove, Flow and Grow! Not to be missed! Download Flyer.

Investment: £8. Venue: Harmony Harbour, 192 Evelin Street, Deptford SE8 5DB, 0208 691 1001. Nearest train station Deptford.


Yoga for Real Radiance

Wed 2nd November 10am - 12noon
with Maya Fiennes at Alchemy

Maya Fiennes Returns to Alchemy! When you release all that no longer serves you - you become radiant. Radiant with the Spirit that dwells within you - carrying your natural beauty - your natural essence - your natural you. Download Flyer.

Investment: £35. Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH, 020 7267 6188, info@alchemythecentre.co.uk.


Kundalini Yoga for Guru Nanak's Birthday

Fri 11th November 7 - 10pm
with Liz Midgley & Sarah Purdie in Southfields

Join us to celebrate a new beginning and Guru Nanak’s birthday. Followed by langar.

Donation: £2. Venue: Southfields Gurdwara, 142 Merton Road, Southfields SW18 5SP. Contact Liz Midgley, 07939 254782, info@lizmidgley.co.uk, Sarah Purdie, 07894 388174, sarah-purdie@hotmail.co.uk.


Aquarian Dawn

Fri 11th - Sat 12th November
with Guru Ram Das Project
at Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara

“We are entering the Age of Aquarius on November 11, 2011. It will be a new time. The entire psyche is changing. You must purify the mind, body and soul to be real, innocent and sattvic. Elevate yourself to be angelic. This age you will serve is an age of awareness, an age of experience.”

“The cycles in the heavens are changing. Earth is correspondingly changing. This is the year, this is the time. It is now and today. It is a time to be with your sangat (community). A time to chant, meditate and pray for humanity and world peace. We will experience the presence of Guru Ram Das and all the Gurus for the Aquarian Age. We will bring ourselves into the awareness of joy, kindness and compassion.” - Yogi Bhajan. Download Flyer.

Donation: £5 - 20. Times: Fri 8.30pm - Sat 8.30am. Venue: Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara, Main Hall, 58-62 Queensdale Rd, London W11 4SG. We warmly invite Volunteers/Sevadars to contact Raghurai Singh if they are able to help out with this event, raghurai5@yahoo.co.uk, 07900 544 175.


Living in Balance

Start Sat 14th January 2 - 5pm
with Angad Kaur in Birmingham

Introduction to a new programme of workshops on the 10 Spiritual Bodies: "Everyone longs to be centred and balanced, but without the Guru, no one can." - Guru Amar Das Dev Ji. "If you understand that you are these Ten Spiritual Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole universe will be in balance with you." - Yoga Bhajan

This is an introduction workshop to a new monthly programme led by Angad Kaur that will combine the practice and teachings of Sikh Dharma and Kundalini Yoga through an exploration of the Ten Spiritual Bodies. In this workshop we will discuss the principles of Sikh Dharma in relation to the Mul Mantra, the Ten Sikh Gurus and the Ten Spiritual Bodies; the benefits of Kundalini Yoga for overall balance and wellbeing; and experience some breathing exercises, postures and mantras that support us to make a connection to the Guru and our God-reality. Download Flyer.

Investment: £15. Venue: Northside Welcome Centre, Mata Tripta House, Sikh Nari Manch, Birmingham. Contact Angad Kaur, angadkaur@karamkriya.co.uk.


Aquarian Teacher Training  Level 2 Modules

with Karam Kriya School & i-SKY
(Shiv Charan Singh & Satya Kaur)

Vitality & Stress: Thu 5th - Tue 10th April 2012
Investment: £490 incl. course material, manual, DVD and lunch. £440 if paid by 21st Feb 2012. Click here for more information. Venue: Shepherd’s Bush Gurdwara, 58-62 Queensdale Road, London W11 4SG. To book a place or if you have any questions, please contact Preet Kaur, preetkaur108@yahoo.co.uk, 07704 636647.

Life Cycles & Life Styles: Thu 9th - Tue 14th February 2012
Investment: €982, that is €560 + VAT for tuition fees and €293 for accommodation and food. Venue: Quinta do Rajo, Santa Susana, Portugal. Registration: Please fill in the Application Form and enclose a payment of €200, as a non refundable deposit (please click here for more information and for banking transfer). Send payment proof and form to Adi Kaur, info@quinta-do-rajo.pt before 15th January 2012.

KYTA Events Plus

Dancing the Elements - A Nia Jam

Sat 29th October 7.30 - 9.30pm
with Siri Sadhana Kaur & others at Alchemy

In Joy Of Movement: This evening begins with a playshop drawing on ancient Kundalini Yogic tradition whilst freedancing the 5 tattvas/elements. These universal forces constitute parts of our body, capacities of the psyche, and projections of the mind. Through intuitively dancing their interplay we can harmonise these energies increasing our health and serving our greatest potential. Together we will move into full body expression through Nia, drawing on the playfulness of modern and ethnic dance, the power of martial arts and the wisdom and stillness of yoga. Using funky music and inspired movement you are invited to restore vitality and celebrate your radiance in unlimited playfulness. Download Flyer.

Investment: £15. Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH, 020 7267 6188, info@alchemythecentre.co.uk.


SatKirin Kaur Khalsa on Tour in U.K.

Fri 4th - Mon 7th November
with SatKirin Kaur & Friends

The gift of this age... Experience "Kundalini Surjee Sat Sangat"... Kundalini Rising in the company of the Saints. Download Schedule.

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KYTA at the Yoga Show

Dear Sangat, we are still looking for a few more radiant and friendly sevadars to help promote Kundalini Yoga to the wider yoga community at The Yoga Show at Olympia in London.

If you could spare ½ a day or more to serve the teachings on either Fri 28th, Sat 29th or Sun 30th October, please contact Angad Singh at angad@kundalinirising.org. It is a wonderful experience and an great opportunity to share your enthusiasm for Kundalini Yoga.

Lovelightpeace, Angad Singh, Seva & Sangat Officer


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Forthcoming Events

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15 Oct - Sweet Relationships - with Guru Kaur in London


16 Oct - Managing Stress and Negativity - with Katy Wade in Shropshire


21 Oct - Body Choir - with Samantha Slewinski in Alchemy


23 Oct - Snatam Kaur Live Concert - with Snatam Kaur in Studios above Gilgamesh


26-30 Oct - Marrakech Yoga - with Tabitha Dean in Morocco


28-30 Oct - The Yoga Show - in London


29&30 Oct - Level 1 Teacher Training - with ANS in Southall & France


30 Oct - Sat Nam Rasayan - with Jiwan Mukta Singh in Brighton


5 Nov - Kumara Serpent Healing - with Kwali Hari Bhajan Kaur at Alchemy


10-13 Nov - Aquarian Gathering 11.11.11 - with Anjali Kaur & friends in Dorset


10-13 Nov - Journey of Self Illumination - with Hari Bans Kaur in Scotland


13 Nov - Seven Steps to Happiness - with Katy Wade in Shropshire


Start 18 Nov - Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1 - with Amrit Nam Sarovar in Bedford


27 Nov - Sat Nam Rasayan - with Jiwan Mukta Singh in Brighton


4 Dec - Aquarian Sadhana Workshop - with Katy Wade in Shropshire


27 Dec-3 Jan - Karam Kriya New Year's Week - with Shiv Charan Singh & Satya Kaur in Portugal


30 Dec-2 Jan - New Year Yoga Retreat - with Tabitha Dean in Worcestershire


Start 27 Jan - Level 1 Teacher Training - with Ishwara Kaur & ANS in Brighton & France

Featured Teacher

Guru Kaur is renowned for giving very straight talking spiritual guidance in highly practical terms. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1995, running Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training programmes in London each year until 2006. In 2003, IKYTA awarded her their accolade as an Aquarian Teacher for her outstanding service. As well as teaching weekly Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes and workshops in South London, Guru Kaur runs Be the Woman You were Born to Be , an online course and community, reaching women throughout the world in a way which means that, no matter what, they can have access wherever they are to the same level of teaching that she received. She also presents the Regally Graceful Podcasts of interviews with inspiring people from all walks of life she's met along the way. Guru Kaur is very active in her local community serving on the core organising committee for the Friends of Russia Dock Woodland whose highlight event is Meditation in the Park, attended this summer by over 2,000 people. www.gurukaur.com

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Karam Kriya School 
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07941 397030,
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School of Kundalini Yoga
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Amrit Nam Sarovar
Contact Har Nal Kaur,
07740 435379,
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Sahej Academy
Contact Hari Har Ji,
01709 878177,
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Starchild Yoga
Contact Siri Arti Kaur,
07710 334286,
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Alchemy Centre for
Personal Transformation

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