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jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

KYTA Newsletter - Issue 159 - 14/07/2011

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Weekly Words of Wisdom


"I have not failed.
I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

- Thomas Alva Edison



KYTA Events

Teacher: Harjas Kaur (Sandra Ditta Herrmann)
Dates: "I am a Woman" Mon 7 - 8.30pm (starts 18th July), Tue 7 - 8.30pm & 8.40 - 10.10pm (starts 19th July). "Kids and Adults" Mon 5.20 - 6.20pm (starts 18th July). Download Flyer.
Venue: Alexandria Healing Centre, 39 Alexandria Road, West Ealing, London W13 0NR
Contact: 02085 797230, info@alexandriahealing.co.uk, www.alexandriahealing.co.uk.

Teacher: Corryne MacLean/Ram Inderpreet Kaur
Date: Tue 9.30 - 11.00am
Venue: St Stephens Centre, St Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH6 5AB
Price: Suggested donation £9
Contact: 07789 510193, corrynem@yahoo.co.uk

Teacher: Corryne MacLean/Ram Inderpreet Kaur
Date: Thu 6 - 7.30pm
Venue: Scottish Book Trust, 55 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR
Price: Suggested donation £9
Contact: 07789 510193, corrynem@yahoo.co.uk

Teacher: Nathalie Closs (Liv Nam Kaur)
Date: Tue 6 - 7pm
Venue: Egoist Body Studios, Studio 1 (2nd Floor), 6 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5DX
Price: £10
Contact: nathaliecloss@hotmail.com, 07947 358070

Teacher: Siri Nirankar Singh
Date: Thu 14th July 7 - 8.30pm, download flyer
Venue: Hardingstone Village Hall, High St, Hardingstone, Northampton NN4 6DA
Price: £8
Contact: info@amritdharma.com, ahluwalia@aol.com


Karam Kriya & Kundalini Yoga Class

Fri 15th July 6.45 - 9.15pm
with Karam Kriya School in London

“Karam Kriya is a global model for understanding the common elements of human nature: Numbers provide such a model... Everything that happens after that is a result of the interaction.” - Shiv Charan Singh

Number 10 - The Radiant Body: Courage, Nobility & Excellence. “Vibrate the Cosmos, the Cosmos shall clear the path.” The 1 found its way through the whole journey (9) and completed the circle 0, a return to unity, but a greater whole than we began with. When our personal plans go wrong we often project our anger, disappointment, fear and confusion to the One within us or to someone else - we blame and this causes us to lose our splendour. With diligence and discipline we can accomplish our goals and be outstanding, but it requires courage and nobility to be able to maintain a commitment. Download Flyer.

Investment: £15. Venue: The Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, King Cross, London WC1H 9NS. This is the last session in the current series. A new programme focusing on the Date of Birth will begin on Fri 23rd September. Contact Angad Kaur, 07771 803562, angadkaur@karamkriya.co.uk, Suhab Kaur, suhabkaur@karamkriya.co.uk, www.karamkriya.eu.


Evolution of Human Consciousness

Sat 16th July 11am - 3:30pm
with Benjahmin Steele in Manchester

2011 is one of the most defining years in Man/Womankinds His/Herstory. It is an amazing time to be alive but the bombardment and deluge of information from society, TV/Radio and internet can leave the physical, mental and spiritual bodies depleted and functioning on survival instincts. Deprived of the Light of the Soul the self can fall into a 'Cold Depression' and a place of despair. This is not the way we were designed to be. We were built to Flourish and Excel through the Radiance of Creation. Kundalini Yoga and the Shabd Guru is the Technology of the Soul and was shared by Yogi Bhajan for this very reason.

Through spoken word, the Kriyas (actions) of Kundalini Yoga and the Shabd Guru (Sound of Truth) we will explore and experience what we have to do to Thrive and Excel in these potent times and to step out of Fear and Survival Mode. The workshop aims to reveal the Truth behind the Aquarian Age, what it means for us as Human Beings and how WE are to evolve as a collective and not as individuals. To remove the Fear surrounding the Mayan Prophecy of 2011/2012 and take us into a Heart Centred Space where only a sense of Peace and Joy can exist for our Future on this Planet.

Investment: £25 incl. delicious vegetarian lunch. Venue: Lancashire Martial and Health Arts Centre Unit 7, Gladstone Street Business Park, Gladstone Street, Oldham, Manchester OL4 1AX. Contact Benjahmin Steele, rasmanc@yahoo.co.uk, 07707548832.


"I am a Woman"

Sat 16th July 2 - 6pm
with Amar Atma Kaur & Nimrita Kaur
in Brighton

Join us on this course of workshops that aim to reflect who a woman really is - not just what she does. A woman’s identity does not come from the roles and functions that she plays out in life, nor is it determined by the relationships that she keeps. Our ultimate happiness and security can only come from within ourselves. These workshops will focus on providing the necessary tools we need to reach inside of ourselves and connect to our true identity, the True Self. Together we will let go of old ideas and patterns and embrace the creative responsibility to fill our lives with intuition, radiance, innocence and grace. Let’s manifest our highest destiny and live in the full light of our infinity, remembering the power of the words "I am a Woman." Part 1 awakens us to our inner vitality and secures a connection to our eternal power, helping us to develop our sensitivity and build our radiance. We will use the power of the naad sound current to create clarity and calibre as we begin to answer the question, what is a Woman? Download Flyer Front & Back.

Investment: £35 (concs. available). Venue: The Garden Studios, 7 Ship Street Gardens, Brighton BN1 1AJ. Contact Jo Nimrita, 07906 948472, nimrita@khalsa.com.


Deeply Relaxing Gong Bath

Thu 21st July 10am - 4pm
with Mark Swan in Kent

6 hour deeply relaxing and meditative Gong bath. Beginning with Pluto and travelling inward to the heart of our Solar system, I will be guiding those who attend through the visions and physical awakening of each of our major planets unique energetic imprint. This is one of the most profound and deeply cleansing of all my workshops. Essential for those who wish to become one again with the harmonies and rhythms of nature and their own spirit.

Investment: £75, refreshments provided. Venue: Mardon House Healing Centre, Pinesfield Lane, Trottiscliffe, Kent ME19 5EN. Contact Mark, 01732 823811, appointments@gong-healing.com.


Kundalini Yoga & The Alchemy of Truth

Sun 23rd July 11am - 2pm
with Beverley Drumm in London

How are truth and spirituality related? What is the creative power of truth in our lives? Through yoga, meditation and breath, as well as discussion & group interaction, we will explore the fundamental seed mantra of Kundalini Yoga, Sat Nam, which means "Truth is my name." Every Body welcome - this is not just for women! Mats are available.

Investment: £20 in advance, £25 on the door. To register & take advantage of the advance booking discount, please go to www.nianectar.co.uk, where you can pay online using PayPal. Venue: Women+Health, 4 Carol Street, London NW1 0HU. Contact Beverley, 0797 9934070, beverley.drumm@gmail.com.


Creation Of The Soul

Sat 23rd July 7 - 9pm
with Benjahmin in London

Evening of Sacred Mantra and Devotional Singing. Drawing from the Shabd Guru (the sound that reveals Truth) found within Sikh Dharma and Kundalini Yoga, come and join us for an evening of Devotional Singing and Sacred Mantra. A Journey into the Heart Space where the Essence of Shuniya (silence) and True Love exists. A chance to share the Spirit of the Sangha (spiritual community) and connect to Uplift the Soul through these defining times of Change and Truth. Just bring along an Open Heart and come experience the Beauty of your Own True Self.

Investment: £10. Venue: Yogabase, 257 Liverpool Road, London N1 1LX. Contact Benjahmin, 07707 548832, rasmanc@yahoo.co.uk.


The Fire Element

Sun 24th July 9.30am - 1.30pm
with Tabather Harpreet Kaur in Southsea

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation workshop. It will be a time to energize your being, learn more about Tejas Tattva and be a part of the group consciousness. You will learn how to utilize Uddiyana bandha or diaphragm lock. When you break the word Uddiyana down ud = up, di = solar light, and yana = path, which means The path of energy soaring up. It is a way of sublimation, whereby you can take excess energy and sublime it. Transmute or transform it into positivity. You can begin to take control of emotion, sublime it and raise it to raise consciousness. There will be a long session of Yoga Nidra, and for those of you who have attended previous sessions, a continuation of working with your sankalpa - your resolve. There will also be time for a Gong Relaxation at the end. Download Flyer.

Investment: £25. Venue: Zen Den, 1a Hereford Road, Southsea PO5 2DH. Contact Harpreet Kaur, tabather@soulomorphe.co.uk, 07806 574524.

KYTA Events Plus

Relax and Revive:
Kirtan and Soup for the Soul

Sun 17th July 11am - 2pm
with Vineet Kaur & Devinder Kaur
at Esher Nivas

"You have to bounce in life with joy. Your strength lies in your smiles and your songs." - Yogi Bhajan

Calling all the Aquarian community and children to join into devotional Kirtan at Esher Nivas. Vaheguru Simran and chanting well balanced with fun activities like painting, story reading and Kundalini yoga for all ages! We will share Mung Daal Soup, bless the food and enjoy lunch together followed by group singing and chanting. Download Flyer.

Investment: £8 per person, £2 for children below 5. Venue: Esher Nivas, 10 mins from Feltham station. Contact: Vineet, 07960 769111, yogawithvineet@gmail.com who is an experienced yoga instructor, nutrition advisor and mother of the wonderful Esher, or Devinder, 07930 435244, devinder@kundalinirising.org, who is an experienced yoga instructor and works in a children’s nursery.


Kundalini Yoga Festival Guru Ram Das

Tue 9th - Sun 14th August
in Lugo, Galicia, Spain

Once again the Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga (AEKY) and its delegation in Galicia, invites you to share with us all the joy, excitement and enthusiasm. We offer a new festival full of lessons, music, dance, of laughs and as always, a lot of healing. Enjoy the presence of great - English Speaking teachers (Shiv Charan Singh, Satya Kaur and Sat Guru Kaur) - in the magical forest of Lugo "A Casa daTerra". Come and enjoy Kundalini Yoga in its natural state, we wait with open arms! Download Flyer.

Click here for prices. For more info visit www.aeky.es, festivalgalicia.aeky.es or contact festivalgalicia@aeky.es, 660 037 800.


Karam Kriya Retreat

Thu 1st - Tue 6th September
with Shiv Charan Singh in Portugal

A small Karam Kriya training group from the South of Germany will be spending 6 days at Quinta do Rajo in Portugal. Shiv Charan Singh will be teaching on the sequence 4-3-2-1: Bring everything to the 4, the light and heart of Consciousness. As it is a good time for camping, there is plenty of space for others to join.

Investment: €360 teaching fee, €264 food/accommodation. Arrival 31st October afternoon, departure 7th September, after breakfast. A daily rate is available. Nearest airport is Lisbon. Info, booking & contact: adi@quinta-do-rajo.pt, +351 21 9616197, www.eng.quinta-do-rajo.pt.


Starchild Yoga Teacher Training

Starts Sat 1st & Sun 2nd October
with Siri Arti Kaur at Alchemy

This is a 50-hours course, which prepares, equips and certifies adults to teach yoga to children from the ages of 2 to 18. It is a 3-part course ideal for parents, teachers, yoga students and anyone who has a genuine love of children and/or yoga. Siri Arti Kaur is the founder and lead trainer of Starchild Yoga Teacher Training and works in affiliation with i-SKY, International School of Kundalini Yoga. The course is certified by KYTA (Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association) and offers 12 CEU points for yogis who are continuing education in the field of Kundalini yoga.

Course Contents: * yoga postures * mantra and breath work * yoga games * meditation and relaxation * class structure and management * building your business * the role of the teacher * and much more... Download Flyer.

Venue: Alchemy Centre, Stables Market Unit 101, Chalk Farm, Camden NW1 8AH. Dates: 1 & 2 October, 5 & 6 November, 3 & 4 December. Contact Siri Arti Kaur, 07710 334286, siriarti@starchildyoga.com.


Snatam Kaur Live Concert

Sun 23rd October 7pm at Alchemy

A Sacred Chant Concert featuring Thomas Barquee & Ramesh Kannan. Join Alchemy for an exceptional musical performance for mind body and soul. Download Flyer.

Investment: £45 Normal Seat, £60 Premium Seat with pre concert dinner at Alchemy. Venue: Studios above Gilgamesh, Stables Market Camden, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH, 020 7267 6188, info@alchemythecentre.co.uk.

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Lift to the European Yoga Festival

If you can offer a lift (for people or just a harmonium or some luggage for a pregnant lady) to the European Yoga Festival, please let us know! Same if you are looking for a lift. We will bring you in contact! Please, write to webmaster@kundaliniyoga.org.uk.


Yogi Needs Accommodation

Aloha to all and Sat Nam, I am currently in Greece just finishing teaching a yoga retreat on this magical island of Nisyros. I plan to stop by London and need a place to stay before i depart to Maui July 20th. Thank you for your help. Amarsharan Kaur/Ruby, (808) 344-4980, rubymaui@mac.com.


Room To Rent for Yogi/Yogini

Sat Nam, we are looking for a yogi/yogini to come share our lovely home with us. We have a bright and cheerful single room to rent in our home in South London for just £313 pm. The room is available as of 1st August. If you are interested please get in touch and will fill you in on all the details! Blessings, Harsanjog Kaur, 07764 587827, lydiabaksh9@hotmail.com.


Yogi Ashram in North Yorkshire

Along with some friends I am looking to buy a property along the North Yorkshire coast / North York moors to build a community. We have somewhere in mind (though we may not be able to act fast enough for this particular place - unless a wealthy benefactor comes along quick!) and we are thinking that although it will not be entirely "ashram" living it may suit any yogis/yoginis looking for this sort of shared experience (for example group sadhana every morning, we plan to use the place to work from as well as live and have lots of plans for workshops we can run ourselves there and also hiring it out to therapy groups, etc.) in a stunning area by the sea. If you fancy finding out more do get in touch. We are hoping for a mixed community of families, singles, old and young... Contact Nam Prakash Kaur, namprakashkaur@yahoo.co.uk.


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Forthcoming Events

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15 July - Full Moon Meditation & Gong Bath - with Simon at Alchemy


16-17 July - Chakra Journey - with Kathryn McCusker at Alchemy


21 July - Gong Intensive Detox - with Mark Swan in Kent


22 July - Body Choir - with Samantha Slewinski at Alchemy


23 July - Destress Workshop - with Dharmatma Kaur in Southampton


23 July - Release your Wings - with Lindi Lu in Southwark


26 July-3 Aug - European Yoga Festival - in France


4-17 Aug - International Children's Camp - with Amrit Nam Sarovar in France


6 Aug - Kumara Serpent Healing - with Kwali Hari Bhajan Kaur at Alchemy


7-14 Aug - Journey into Consciousness - with Karta Singh & ANS in France


14-19 Aug - The True Man - with Karta Singh & ANS in France


1-6 Sep - Ibiza Yoga Retreat - with Martha Chester & Gretchen Faust in Ibiza


2&3 Sep - Weekend Workshops - with Guru Rattana at Alchemy


8-11 Sep - The Mother’s Journey - with Satya Kaur & Carolyn Cowan in Portugal


9-11 Sep - KY & Metatronic Healing Retreat - with Sivaroshan in Glastonbury


Start 17&18 Sep - Teacher Training Level 1 - with Karam Kriya School at Alchemy & in Portugal


22-26 Sep - Aquarian Women's Retreat - with Sat Guru Kaur & Har Nal Kaur in Mallorca


25 Sep-9 Oct - Kundalini Yoga Yatra -  with Sat Siri Singh in India


26 Sep-3 Oct - Summer Yoga Holidays - with Barbara Lyndley on Paxos, Greece


29&30 Oct - Level 1 Teacher Training - with ANS in Southall & France

Featured Teacher

Invitation: If you are certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and KYTA member, please be so kind and send us your picture and share some details about your story and passions (70-80 words) so we get to know each other. Blessings and opportunities will come to you!

Teacher Training

Amrit Nam Sarovar
Contact Har Nal Kaur,
07740 435379,
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Sahej Academy
Contact Hari Har Ji,
01709 893221,
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Karam Kriya School 
Contact Angad Kaur,
07941 397030,
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School of Kundalini Yoga
Contact Darryl O'Keeffe,
01635 523900,
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Starchild Yoga
Contact Siri Arti Kaur,
07710 334286,
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Alchemy Centre for
Personal Transformation

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