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jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

KYTA Newsletter - Issue 200 - 12/07/2012

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Weekly Words of Wisdom

Being Is Your Deepest Self

Q: You spoke earlier about the importance of having deep roots within or inhabiting the body. Can you explain what you meant by that?
A: The body can become a point of access into the realm of Being. Let's go into that more deeply now.
Q: I am still not quite sure if I fully understand what you mean by Being.
A: "Water? What do you mean by that? I don't understand it." This is what a fish would say if it had a human mind. Please stop trying to understand Being. You have already had significant glimpses of Being, but the mind will always try to squeeze it into a little box and then put a label on it. It cannot be done. It cannot become an object of knowledge. In Being, subject and object merge into one.

Being can be felt as the ever-present I am that is beyond name and form. To feel and thus to know that you are and to abide in that deeply rooted state is enlightenment, is the truth that Jesus says will make you free.

- Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, Chapter about the Inner Body

KYTA Events

New Kundalini Yoga Classes

Teacher Corryne MacLean (Ram Inderpreet Kaur)
Date Mon 6 - 7.30pm
Venue 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AP
Costs £10 drop in
Contact 07789 510193, info@aquarianyoga.co.uk, www.aquarianyoga.co.uk
Teacher Corryne MacLean (Ram Inderpreet Kaur)
Date Wed 7.30 - 9pm
Venue Stephen Memorial Hall, Culross, Fife KY12 8HP
Costs £10 drop in
Contact 07789 510193, info@aquarianyoga.co.uk, www.aquarianyoga.co.uk
Teacher Sangeet Kaur
Date Tue 7.30 - 9pm 6-Weeks Course "Total System Tune Up II" Open Flyer
Venue Gurdwara Singh Sabha, 10 Grant Street, Bradford BD3 9HD
Costs Suggested donation £2 (proceeds go to the Gurdwara)
Contact 07710 783622, sangeetkaur@thetenthgate.com, www.thetenthgate.com
Teacher Sachleen Kaur
Date Tue 7.30 - 9pm, open flyer
Venue Leicester YMCA, 7 East Street, Leicester LE1 6EY
Costs £49 paid in full 27th July, after £59 & Free Mantra CD
Contact 07823 331313, sachleen@live.co.uk, www.KundaliniYogaLearning.co.uk
Teacher Karta Kaur (Lorraine Thomas)
Date Mon 7.15 - 8.45pm Yoga for Stress & Fatigue
Venue CityZen - the garden studio, 147 Chudleigh Road, London SE4 1HP
Costs £7 drop in
Contact 07540 852019, kartadharma@yahoo.co.uk, www.5elementsclay.moonfruit.com


Recite the Narayan Shabad

Thu 26th July 6 - 7pm
with Sat Meher Kaur in Southampton

The Narayan Shabad was composed by the fifth Sikh Master, Guru Arjan: Naam Niranjan Neer Narayan (SGGS Ang 867). This shabd nurtures the Divine Identity within you so that your soul can bloom into its full beauty and grace. Narayan is the quality that restores. It allows life to become fresh, lush and green again and restores what has been lost. It brings forth abundance and life. Open Flyer.

Venue: Nanaksar Gurdwara, Hall 2, 3 Peterborough Road, Southampton SO14 6HY. Contact Sat Meher (Sharon Orchard), 07980 722194, Sharon.Orchard@kingfisher.com.


Empowering The Feminine

Sat 28th July 10am - 5pm
with Liz Midgley & Sarah Purdie in Lewes

Kundalini Yoga & Shakti Dance. There are two major aspects of the female character one is the endless compassion nurturing and forgiveness the Mother aspect the other is the Woman with the ability to cut through duality of maya with fearlessness and accuracy she is the Kakta the sword who cuts through who can see beyond illusion and see things for what they really are. When these two qualities are in balance the Feminine is empowered the Feminine will be able to tap into her creativity and call on the Adi Shakti the primal force of God to enrich her Soul and follow her path. Download Flyer.

Investment: £40, £35 if booked before 14th July. Venue: Lewes Subud Centre, 26a Station Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2DB. Contact Liz, 07939 254782, Sarah, 07894 388174, sarah-purdie@hotmail.co.uk.


Manifest Vibrant Health

Sat 11th August 10am - 6pm
with Jot Singh Khalsa in West Midlands

Each of us comes to this life with unique gifts. To manifest one's destiny one must discover, cultivate and develop those gifts, then offer the fruits to humanity. Whatever one's dream, vocation or pastime - becoming creative and manifesting there, can bring peace, joy, fulfilment, gratitude and prosperity. This workshop will begin by stimulating your creativity through various Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations, to help you access and recall your exceptionality. Open Flyer.

Investment: £50, Venue: Little Aston Village Hall, Little Aston Lane, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B74 3UF. Contact 07931 175313, www.grdtrust.org.

Fri 10th August 6.30 - 8pm Kundalini Yoga Class. Venue: Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre @ Sikh Missionary Society, 1st Floor, Entrance Dominion Road, Southall UB2 5DP. Contact Rashpal Kaur, 07941 010329, Rashpal.Hayre@emimusic.com.

Kundalini Community Noticeboard

More Kundalini News

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Car Sharing to Yoga Festival

* Justin & Chantal are offering: We are hoping to car share for the journey to and from the Kundalini Yoga Festival, Fondjouan, France. As we are working there, we would like to arrive on Mon 30th. So will be leaving London very early in the morning. If you are interested in joining us please contact us on 07961 811895, moorejustinjay@hotmail.com.

* Therese is looking for: a car share from London area to the Yoga Festival in France. Contact Therese, 07845 524926, theresebateson@yahoo.com.


Wanted: Children's Yoga Teacher/Volunteers/Activity Leaders

for the Annual Southall Children's Camp 30th July - 3rd August 2012 9am - 3.30pm. Venue: Khalsa Primary School, Southall, Norwood Green. If you feel inspired to offer your special gifts to this camp (all day/part time), please contact Satinder Singh, 07908 228460, satindersingh@blueyonder.co.uk. You will be required to attend a pre-camp meeting at Norwood Hall to sign a Volunteer Agreement and subject to a CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check.


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Weekly Words of Wisdom
KYTA Events
Kundalini Community Noticeboard

Forthcoming Events

For full details see our Events Calendar


14 July - Gong Practitioners Course - with Mark Swan in Kent


18-22 July - Yogatur Festival Galicia - in Spain


21 July - Everybody is a Healer, Nobody is a Healer - with Katy Wade (Sat Tapa Kaur) in Shropshire


21-22 July - Journey Through the Chakras - with Eve de Meza (Seva Simran Kaur) in Germany


21-22 July - Gurmukhi Workshop - with Satya Kaur & Kirit Singh in Portugal


23-30 July - Kundalini Yoga Retreat - with Sheila Wisdom in Turkey


28 July - Embracing Your Future - with Ram Inderpreet Kaur in Edinburgh


29 July - Magic of Sacred Relationships - with Pritpal Kaur & Singh at Alchemy


30 July - Q&A Discussion - with Pritpal Singh & Kaur in London


31 July - 3HO European Yoga Festival - with Everybody in Fondjouan, France


3-5 Aug - Reach for the Sun - with Shaura Hall in Derbyshire


8-14 Aug - Yoga Retreat - with Maya Fiennes in Montenegro


10-12 Aug - Devon Yoga Festival - with Martha Chester in Devon


10-15 Aug - Excel & Celebrate Retreat - with Japjeet Kaur in Spain


22-28 Aug - Women of the World Retreat - with Guru Rattana in Hertfordshire


24-27 Aug - Bank Holiday Yoga Retreat - with Tabitha Dean in Cotswolds


31 Aug - Astrological Overview of 2012 - with Guru Rattana at Alchemy


1 Sep - Nourishing the Adrenals - with Nam Prakash Kaur in York


1 Sep - Liberate Your Relationships - with Guru Rattana at Alchemy


2 Sep - The Gift of Womanhood - with Guru Rattana at Alchemy


2 Sep - A Circle of Women - with Siri Sadhana Kaur in London


15 Sep - Nourish the Soul - with Devi Kirin Kaur & friends in Hurst Green


22 Sep - Happy, Limitless, Fearless & Concert - with Sada Sat Kaur at Alchemy


12-14 Oct - Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance Retreat - with Karamroop Kaur and Maite Alonso in South Devon


18-22 Oct & 25-29 Oct - Marrakech Yoga in the Kasbah - with Tabitha Dean in Morocco


12-24 Nov - Kerala Yoga Holiday - with Tabitha Dean in India

Featured Teacher

Invitation: If you are certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and KYTA member, please be so kind and courageous to send us your picture and share some details about your story, passions, skills and visions in less than 100 words so we get to know each other. "Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times." - Yogi Bhajan, Aquarian Sutra

Teacher Training

Sahej Academy
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01709 878177,
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Karam Kriya School 
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07771 803562,
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School of Kundalini Yoga
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01635 523900,
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Amrit Nam Sarovar
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07740 435379,
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Starchild Yoga
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07710 334286,
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Alchemy Centre,
Stables Market, Camden,
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