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jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

KYTA Newsletter - Issue 175 - 01/12/2011

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Kundalini Meditation of the Week

Pranayama to Tranquilize the Mind

Buddha was once sitting and his disciples told him, "Lord, our mind is not controlled." And Buddha curled around and got into this mudra. It is called Man Suhaavee Mudra Kriya, the mudra which pleases the mind. It works to tranquilize the mind within the scope of 3 minutes.

To create the mudra, you build a kind of pyramid system with your fingers. Touch the tips of the Saturn (middle) fingers together and touch the tips of the thumbs together. Curl the Mercury (pinkie) and Sun (ring) fingers into the palm. Bend the Jupiter (index) fingers toward the palms so that they touch each other at the middle joint.

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Bend the elbows, bringing the mudra up to the level of the heart, with the forearms parallel to the ground. The mudra is about four inches from the chest with the extended fingers pointing away from the body. Look at the tip of the nose. Inhale, hold the breath, and mentally repeat a mantra of your choice 11 to 21 times. Then exhale all the air out and mentally repeat the same mantra again 11 to 21 times. Continue for 3 minutes.

Which mantra you choose and how often you repeat it is up to you. You will be guided by your breath capacity: the breath is held in for the same length of time as the breath is held out. Be sure that you are holding the breath without strain. The goal is tranquillity, so relaxed practice is the path.

KYTA Events

New Kundalini Yoga Classes

Teacher: Pavanpreet Singh
Dates: Daily Morning and Evening Classes
Venue: Wellspring Yoga, Oak Cottage, County Oak Way,
Crawley RH11 7ST
Contact: 01293 521196, pavan@wellspringoflife.co.uk, www.yogacrawley.co.uk

Teacher: Siri Shakti Kaur
Date: Thu 6.30 - 7.45 pm
Venue: The Friends Meeting House, Grosvenor Park,
Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2 BB
Contact: 01892 515991, 07971 517630, siri.shakti@kundalinirisingyoga.co.uk, www.kundalinirisingyoga.co.uk

Teacher: Vineet Kaur
Date: Sun 4.30 - 5.45pm
Venue: Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara, 58-62 Queensdale Road,
London W11 4SG
Price: Donations only, all donations go to Guru
Contact: 07960 769111, yogawithvineet@googlemail.com

Teacher: Vineet Kaur
Date: Tue 6.30 - 7.45pm & Sat 11am - 12.15pm
Venue: Home, Feltham (10 mins walk from station)
Price: £5
Contact: 07960 769111, yogawithvineet@googlemail.com

Teacher: Shivdev Kaur
Date: Thu 6.30 - 8pm
Venue: Northam Community Centre, Fore Street, Northam,
North Devon EX39
Price: £8, or pre book 4 classes at £7 each
Contact: 07984 994520, 01237 475880, sarahjc329@hotmail.com


Full Moon Meditation

Sat 10th December 7.30 - 9.30pm
with Guru Ram Kaur in Hertfordshire

"There was a time when lunar rhythms informed nearly every aspect of daily human existence. But that was before progress snipped the umbilical cord tying humans to nature, casting the species adrift in the void of reason. Perhaps we don't notice that we've lost the moon because we have lost a part of ourselves as well." - R.V. Scheide

On this last Full Moon CommUnity Event for 2011 we will continue to raise our consciousness through Pranayama, Meditation, Celestial Communication and Gong Healing. Our focus will be on personal and planetary healing. There will also be special meditations for the Radiant Body (Courage and Projection), and for removing any kind of block which holds us back from experiencing and expressing in our lives the true and joyful nature of Self.

Investment: £15. Refreshments 9.30pm onwards. Venue: Sohan Jalaiai Centre, St. Albans/Hatfield area, Hertfordshire. Contact Guru Ram Kaur, 01727 827554, info@sohanjalaiai.com.


Gemini Full Moon Meditation & Gong Bath

Sat 10th December 7.45 - 9.15pm
with Simon at Alchemy

Gemini is the sign of quick thinking and rapid activity. There is a child-like nature to this young zodiac sign and all too often we are taught to ignore the simple and add layers of conditioning and complication to a situation in order to view things in a grown up way. Yet it is the child in us that often knows better, sees things more purely and intuitively feels the truth of the matter. Out of the mouth of babes and fools... Read more.

Programme: * Brief reading on the Gemini Full Moon (effect of Moon phase) * Pranayama * Kundalini Yoga warm up kriya * Kundalini Yoga meditation (usually 22min) * 30min Gong Bath.

Investment: £13. Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH, 0207267 6188, info@alchemythecentre.co.uk.


New Year Retreat and Celebration

Fri 30th Dec - Sun 1st January
with Anjali, Sakina & Nimrita in Dorset

Kundalini Yoga, Shakti Dance, Aquarian Sadhana with live music, devotional singing and more! Join Anjali, Sakina and Nimrita as we come and celebrate together. Leaving behind all that no longer serves us so we can enter 2012 with an open heart that is immersed in the vibration of Truth and Love. Sat Nam, Wahe Guru!

Investment: £230, £200 concessions and low waged (as you can afford). Venue: Gaunts House in Dorset. For more info or to book please contact Anjali, 79611 05780, satnam.anjali@hotmail.com, www.aquariangathering.co.uk.


The Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival:
New Years Eve Celebration

Sat 31st Dec 7pm - Sun 1st Jan 1am
with the GBKYF Team in London

A conscious transition into 2012: Join the Kundalini Yoga community for a blissful evening of celebration. Through wholehearted playful expression we will ignite vitality in our prayers and greet 2012. Featuring Siri Sadhana Kaur, Benjahmin, Kirit Singh, Olmo Cassiba, Naomi HariPyari Francis, Amrit Singh, Donna Swan, Satjit Singh, Philippa Nowel, Evi Patsi, Dorit Noble, and Children’s Activities with Siri Arti Kaur. Gorgeous vegetarian food will be served. Download Flyer.

Calling all sevadars: We need help (no experience just a little time and enthusiasm) to prepare and aid the smooth running of the New Years Eve Celebration. During the day of the 31st: * help cook food for 150+ people. On the evening: * help to serve food * set up and clear up * great people * help to monitor areas and clear throughout evening * assist with children’s activities. You will be fully supported in your role.

Venue: The Nave, 1 St Paul’s Road, London N1 2QH. Contact Siri Sadhana Kaur, 07508 339732, sirisadhana@hotmail.com, www.kundaliniyogafestival.org.uk.


Starchild Yoga Teacher Training:
An Education For Peace

Start 7th January 2012
with Siri Arti Kaur at Alchemy

Yoga for children, taught with consciousness, precision and joy. This 50 training course will enable you to teach Kundalini Yoga to children and teenagers plus empower you to run an efficient business set-up. The 3-part course is ideal for parents, yoga students and teachers who have a genuine love for children and a background in yoga or education. Starchild Yoga draws upon the wealth of the Kundalini Yoga teachings to provide a depth of experience through a proven practice. Fun and joy is of paramount importance during these sessions but so is the ability to recognise the child on a soul level and deliver them to the teachings in a subtly magical way. During this course, you will be supported in reflecting and absorbing the transformative nature of the teachings and encouraged to evolve your own personal teaching style during the length of the course. Download Flyer. Download Course Description.

Dates for 2012: 7&8 Jan, 4&5 Feb, 24&25 Mar 8.30am - 5.30pm

Investment: £850. Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH. Contact Siri Arti Kaur, 07710 334286, siriarti@starchildyoga.com, www.starchildyoga.com.


Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings
with Hari Har Ji

Start Fri 13th January in South Yorkshire

The Sahej Academy offers an eight weekend KRI certified course focussed on learning through experience and it is open to all who want to either teach or deepen their personal experience of Kundalini Yoga. The teaching is led by Hari Har Ji Kaur and she is assisted by Siri Nirankar Singh. Places are filling up fast as usual so if you would like to join us please contact Hari Har Ji on 01709 878177 or visit our website www.sahej-academy.org.uk.

Start Fri 27th January in Edinburgh

The venue is an elegant town house a few minutes walk from Edinburgh Haymarket Station, it is newly refurbished and used as a centre for spiritual development. We offer an eight weekend KRI certified course and we welcome all who want to teach or simply to deepen their personal experience of Kundalini Yoga. The teaching is led by Hari Har Ji Kaur and she is assisted by Siri Nirankar Singh. There are still some places available so if you would like to join us please contact Hari Har Ji on 01709 878177 or visit our website www.sahej-academy.org.uk.

Kundalini Community Noticeboard

"Yogi Bhajan Everyday"
The 2012 Aquarian Wisdom Calendar

Beautiful bound with new quotes to inspire you everyday of the year. KRI Approved. Only £12 posted direct to you, or 2 for £20!

Also available at the White Tantra on the 21st January. Please email to smithben144@gmail.com.

To order please make cheque payable to ‘KYTA’ and send to: Ben Smith, 276a Fulwell Avenue, Ilford, Essex IG5 0SA. Limited Calendars available. Order NOW to avoid disappointment!


More Kundalini News

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Kundalini Meditation of the Week
KYTA Events
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Forthcoming Events

For full details see our Events Noticeboard


2 Dec - Path Number - with Karam Kriya School in London


2 Dec - KY Workshop with Live Music - with Nimrita Kaur & Jason Kalidas in Brighton


3 Dec - Open Your Heart - with Tania Menegatti at Harmony Harbour


3 Dec - Kundalini Yoga & Healing Arts Retreat - with Jagat Joti Kaur in London


4 Dec - Aquarian Sadhana Workshop - with Katy Wade in Shropshire


4 Dec - Kundalini Shakti: The Shining Skull - with Guru Dharam Singh at Alchemy


4 Dec - A Circle of Women - with Siri Sadhana Kaur nr Kings Cross


10 Dec - Full Moon Kundalini Yoga - with Donna Swan in West Kent


26-29 Dec - Entering the Spirit - with Shaura Hall (Varanjeet Kaur) in Sheffield


27 Dec-3 Jan - Karam Kriya New Year's Week - with Shiv Charan Singh & Satya Kaur in Portugal


30 Dec-2 Jan - New Year Yoga Retreat - with Tabitha Dean in Worcestershire


Start 12&14 Jan - I am a Woman - with Monyka and Harsharon in Isleworth


21 Jan - White Tantric Yoga - with Sat Simran Kaur in London


Start 27 Jan - Level 1 Teacher Training - with Ishwara Kaur & ANS in Brighton & France


5 Feb - A Circle of Women - with Siri Sadhana Kaur nr Kings Cross


26 Feb-11 Mar - India Journey of a Lifetime - with Tabitha Dean in India

Featured Teacher

Invitation: If you are certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and KYTA member, please be so kind and send us your picture and share some details about your story, passions, skills and visions in less than 100 words so we get to know each other. "Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path" - Yogi Bhajan, Aquarian Sutra

Teacher Training

Amrit Nam Sarovar
Contact Har Nal Kaur,
07740 435379,
write an email

Sahej Academy
Contact Hari Har Ji,
01709 878177,
write an email

Karam Kriya School 
Contact Angad Kaur,
07941 397030,
write an email

School of Kundalini Yoga
Contact Darryl O'Keeffe,
01635 523900,
write an email

Starchild Yoga
Contact Siri Arti Kaur,
07710 334286,
write an email

Alchemy Centre for
Personal Transformation

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