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viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

KYTA Newsletter - Issue 141 - 25/02/2011

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Weekly Words of Wisdom

“The principles of truth are seven. He who knows these understandingly possesses the magic key before whose touch all doors of the temple will fly open. O people of Earth, men born and made of the elements and with the spirit of the divine within you, rise from your sleep of ignorance. Be sober and thoughtful. Realise that your home is not Earth, but in the Light.”

(Thoth, Hermes Trismegistos, Kybalion)


KYTA Events

New Kundalini Yoga Classes

Sat Meher (Sharon Orchard) starts a new class in Eastleigh: Thu 6 - 7pm at The Point, Eastleigh SO50 9DE. Download Flyer. Costs: £5. Contact Sat Meher, 07980 722194, info@orchardyoga.co.uk, www.orchardyoga.co.uk.

Indra Singh is offering a series of classes in Southwest London: Sat 2.30 - 3.30pm: 2nd & 30th Apr, 14th & 28th May, 11th & 25th June at the Light Centre, 9 Eccleston Street London SW1W 9LX, walking distance from Victoria Tube. Costs:£13 per session or as an intro offer pay 5 and receive the 6th class free. Contact Indra Singh, 07779 621312, indramsingh@hotmail.com, www.indrasinghyoga.com.

Kirsty Lewis started a new class in Bristol: Mon 7 - 8.30pm (term time) at The Southville Centre, Beauley Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1QG. Costs: £8. Contact Kirsty on 07968 493452, kirsty@mediaondemand.net.

Avtar Kaur is holding a Full Moon Workshop Sat 19th March 4 - 6pm with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Gong Relaxation at QKL studio, 24-28 Hatherley Mews, London E17 9BB. Please bring a mat. Prebooking essential. Costs: £12/£10 conc. Contact Avtar Kaur, 07949 144804, sonarshiva@gmail.com, www.avatarayoga.co.uk.

Tabather Harpreet Kaur is starting a new class in Brighton: Mon 8 - 9.30pm (starting 21st Feb) at Madhatters, 35 Montpelier Road, Brighton BN3 1AP. Costs: £8 monthly booking or £9 drop in. Please come to side door. Download Flyer. Contact Harpreet Kaur, 07806 574524, tabather@soulomorphe.co.uk.


Spring into Happiness

Sat 5th March 10.30am to 4.30pm
with Patwant Kaur in Bedfordshire

“Happiness is in giving, not in taking” - Yogi Bhajan. We would all like to be happy and happiness is fleeting. It comes and goes we cannot hold onto it, it passes. We pursue happiness, holidays, parties, so we can attain that which seems not available to us in our everyday lives. So is happiness a feeling, an emotion or a state of being? Discover the keys to happiness in this Kundalini Yoga workshop to find out how to Be happy! Download Flyer.

Investment: £30 enrolling by Thu 3rd March, £40 after. Venue: Poppyfields, Water End, Maulden, Beds MK45 2BD. Contact Patwant Kaur, 01525 861924, info@amritdharma.com


Mantra and Mala workshop

Sun 6th March 9.30am - 12.30pm
with Tabather Harpreet Kaur in Southsea

Mala is a Sanskrit word which means garland or string of beads. This garland of beads is used to recite sacred mantras in prayer, to deepen your meditation experience. Learn how to work with your mala beads during this workshop, and practice Kundalini Yoga and meditations to support you. Please bring with you mala beads, yoga mat, blanket, pen, note pad and an open heart and mind. Download Flyer.

Investment: £18. Venue: Zen Den Spa, 1A Hereford Road, Southsea PO5 2DH. Contact Tabather Harpreet Kaur, 07806 574524, tabather@soulomorphe.co.uk.


The Call Of The Woman

Sun 6th March 10am - 1pm
with Rashpal Kaur in Southall

“Ask the heavens to drop into the palm the virtues and see if it is fulfilled”. - Yogi Bhajan. This women only workshop series is based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings for women, designed to elevate you to your highest Self, that you may serve the Aquarian Age with consciousness, integrity, intelligence and grace. Each workshop features a lecture and meditation from Yogi Bhajan’s “I am a Woman” Practicing Kindness DVD series, and a kriya from the accompanying manual. The featured lecture is "Know Yourself" and the meditation "Receiving the Virtues". Download Flyer.

Investment: £10 (Women Only). Venue: Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre, Sikh Missionary Society, 1st floor, Entrance Dominion Road, Southall UB2 5DP. Contact Rashpal Kaur, rashpal.teraa13@gmail.com.


Ease Resistance & Tune into your Guidance

Sat 12th March 2 - 6pm
with Akal Sahai & Nimrita in Hove

During this workshop we shall explore resistances; how they arise, subtly, in every moment; and how we can ease them through awareness and other techniques. We shall use Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to experience resistances, to go beyond them, and to tune into our inner guidance. Download Flyer.

Investment: £35. Venue: Yogahaven, Hove. Contact Camilla, 07800 782490, camillamorgon@hotmail.co.uk.


Ghost buster: How to deal with Demons

Sat 12th March 10am - 1pm
with Sat Siri Singh in Southall

Indra came to Durga and begged for help since the demons have driven the gods out of their heaven. “Durga heard these words and laughed heartily. She called upon her demon devouring lion. Don’t worry at all, she assured the gods. The Great Mother became frenzied and prepared to destroy the demons.” - Guru Gobind Singh, Chandi di Vaar.

Kundalini Yoga is a science to balance the five elements and dance with the five enemies. As human beings, we strive to be “good” and continuously improve our environments and lives. This fills us with the pride of the gods. To balance this, the demons appear. Now we need to decide how we deal with them. In this workshop we will have some insight in Guru Gobind Singh’s Chandi di Vaar, the Song of Durga, the demon killer and we will do Yogi Bhajan’s fantastic Ghost buster meditation. Download Flyer.

Investment: £25. Venue: Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre @ Sikh Missionary Society, 1st Floor, Entrance Dominion Road, Southall UB2 5DP. Contact: Sat Siri Singh, 07502 330120, sss@kundalini-khalsa.com.


Women's Workshop

Sun 13th March 10am - 2pm
with Guru Ram Kaur nr St. Albans / Hatfield

Realise the joy of being in touch with your Divine nature. The workshop will include Pranayama, a Special Women's Kundalini Yoga Set, Meditation to Awaken your Inner Vitality, Devotional Mantra with Celestial Communication, Gong Healing and Group Discussion. Some experience of Kundalini Yoga is advisable for this workshop. Please bring a light lunch (beverages will be provided).

Investment: £40. Venue: Sohan Jalaiai Centre, St. Albans / Hatfield area. Limited places, book early, £15 non-refundable booking fee. Contact Guru Ram Kaur, 01727 827554 , info@sohanjalaiai.com.


Spring Sky Day: Moon Centres

Sun 20th March 9am - 12.30pm
with Sarah & Liz in London

Full Moon and Spring Equinox. Enjoy a morning of Japji, yoga, a talk on women’s nutrition and meditation. Fulfil your potential and get in-touch with the transformational time of Spring 2011. Download Flyer.

Investment: £10. Venue: Southfields Gurdwara, 142 Merton Road, London SW18. Contact Liz, 07939 254782, info@lizmidgley.co.uk, Sarah, 07894 388174, sarah-purdie@hotmail.co.


Monthly Friday Night Workshops

One Friday a month 7.30 - 9pm
with Carolyn Cowan at Alchemy

Fri 8th April: Pranayama. An intensive journey through the power of prana.
Fri 13th May: Mantra. Words of power. How to use them to transform your reality.
Fri 3rd June: Ritual & Ceremony. Learn how intention transforms your reality and helps to break negative habits and behaviours.
Fri 1st July: The Ethers. What are the ethers, how to access and move within them. Download Flyer.

Investment: £20. Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH, 020 7267 6188.

Kundalini Community Noticeboard

More Kundalini News

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Counselling Support through Times of Transition

Kundalini Yoga accelerates change. It can be very intense and sometimes there isn’t time to draw breath before the next wave hits. Speed of change is the gift of living on the cusp of the Aquarian Age, but even good medicine can be hard to swallow. The whole process can be made much smoother by consciously talking things through.

Fateh Singh is offering up to 4 reduced rate sessions at £30 per hour for the yoga community. These can be in person, via Skype or phone.

Fateh Singh is a BACP accredited counsellor with 10 years clinical experience. He started his Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2001, studied level 1&2 with Amrit Nam Sarovar, and in 2003 was part of the 3HO Superhealth project teaching and counselling drug addicts in Amritsar. He has a broad background which includes Buddhist Tantra, Kriya Yoga and Oneness Blessings.

Contact Fateh Singh, 07811 459229, 0208 6904273, frankygoestochina@yahoo.co.uk.


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KYTA Events
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Forthcoming Events

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26 Feb-12 Mar - India Journey - with Tabitha Dean in India


27 Feb - One for the Heart - with Jaikar Kaur in Shepherd's Bush


27 Feb - Celebration of Love - with Devi Kirin Kaur in Hastings


11-13 Mar - Gurutej Workshops - at Alchemy


12 Mar - Changing Relationships - with with Jayne Redpath in Hampshire


12 Mar - Celebration of Love - with Devi Kirin Kaur in Gloucestershire 


19 Mar - Spring Workshop - with Devi Kirin Kaur in East Sussex


9&10 Apr - Starchild Yoga Teacher Training - with Siri Arti Kaur at Alchemy


10 Apr - Spring Workshop - with Devi Kirin Kaur in Gloucestershire


16 Apr - Spring Workshop - with Devi Kirin Kaur in Eastbourne


21-26 Apr - Authentic Relationships Level 2 Module - with Karam Kriya & SKY in Shepherd’s Bush


12-15 May - The Well of the Soul - with Nehchal and Devjot Singh in Devon


26 Apr-3 May - In Harmony with the Elements - with Anjali Hansmukh Kaur in Turkey


30 Apr-6 May - Alchemy Yoga Retreat - with Amir Jaan & Simon Andriesz

Featured Teacher

My name is Jeetprem Kaur (Jayne Redpath). I pursued Kundalini Yoga to find meaning and purpose to alleviate my own suffering. Over time, it has taught me that we need to take responsibility for our own healing and it is as much about intention as achievement. Kundalini Yoga requires trust, discipline and patience. Our most challenging moments are the biggest portals to raise our consciousness. I am forever grateful to the beautiful and transformative teachings. Please note my workshop ad for the 12th March on the KYTA website and visit also my website www.healyourselfnow.co.uk.

Teacher Training

Amrit Nam Sarovar
Contact Har Nal Kaur,
07740 435379,
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Sahej Academy
Contact Hari Har Ji,
01709 893221,
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Karam Kriya School 
Contact Angad Kaur,
07941 397030,
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School of Kundalini Yoga
Contact Darryl O'Keeffe,
01635 523900,
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Alchemy Centre for
Personal Transformation

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