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jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

KYTA Newsletter - Issue 109 - 03/06/2010

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Weekly Words of Wisdom

The Inner Body

"Having lost touch with Being, your mind created the physical body as evidence of its belief in separation and to justify its fear. But do not turn away from the body, for within that symbol of impermanence, limitation, and death is concealed the splendour of your essential and immortal reality. Do not turn your attention elsewhere in your search for the Truth, for it is nowhere else to be found but within your body. (...)

"The body that you can see and touch is only a thin illusory veil. Underneath it lies the invisible inner body, the doorway into Being, into Life Unmanifested. Through the inner body, you are inseparably connected to this unmanifested One Life - birthless, deathless, eternally present. Through the inner body, you are forever one with God."

(Eckhart Tolle in "The Power of Now")

KYTA Events

New Kundalini Yoga Classes

Carolyn Cowan will be teaching a new regular class exploring the Kundalini Energy within the body at Alchemy from June 16th every Wed 2.30pm. Using posture, pranayama, mantra and meditation. Do come and join me. Contact Alchemy, 020 7267 6188, info@alchemythecentre.co.uk.


Summer Solstice in Richmond Park

Sun 20th June 6pm
with Sara Kaur in Richmond

Following the success of last year I am looking forward to another Summer Solstice in Richmond Park. There is no better day than SUNday to watch the sun set on the shortest night of the year. We will take a lengthy walk to the highest point of the park, a favourite for spot for Henry VIII, stopping half way to do a gentle Kriya and meditation, then settling down with picnic to see the sun set over the west with a fantastic view as far as Windsor Castle. Bring a mat and something for the picnic.

We will meet at the Kingston Gate to Richmond Park, Queens Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 7SP at 6pm. The gates close to cars at about 9pm, so not advisable to park in the park itself, free street parking available. Nearest train station Norbiton on Waterloo line, from there about 7 mins. walk. Bus 371 from Richmond or Kingston to Park Road. Contact SaRa Kaur, 07984994520, sarahjc329@hotmail.com.


The Mother's Journey

A Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training
with Satya, Carolyn & Elena in London

There will always be young women giving birth for the first time in this world and they will always want to know more and prepare themselves for that unknown and remarkable event of giving birth. The Mothers Journey, the UK based Kundalini Yoga for Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training run by Satya, Carolyn & Elena, has a new course starting in the Autumn 2010. If you have students who are looking for pregnancy yoga classes, please do pass on details and dates.

The next teacher training dates in London are 24-26 Sept, 22-24 Oct, 12-14 Nov. Do please check www.themothersjourney.co.uk for all course information. Contact Laura, admin@themothersjourney.co.uk, 07779 284527.


Yoga for Real Life

Sun 24th October 10am - 3pm
with Maya Fiennes in Milton Keynes

For some people yoga is about fitness, for others it is about spirituality ...for Maya Fiennes it is about Real Life. In this workshop Maya will focus on real life issues and explore how the breathing exercises, powerful asana postures, mantras and meditation from Kundalini Yoga can help you to achieve Real Health and fell better about yourself.

Maya will be working with the miracle mantra of Ram Das Guru, not because it creates miracles, but because it reveals miracles that already exist. Realising the gifts that are there gives you prosperity. This mantra reveals the healing potential your body has. Download Flyer.

Costs: £100 incl. lunch and a Maya product. Venue: Jury's Inn, Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 2HP, 01908 843700. To book please visit www.mayaspace.com. There is a special room discount at Jury's Inn of £52 per room. For further info contact Maria Booker, mtherese@btinternet.com.

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Devotion CD Sale

The Devotion website offers a CD sale: www.devotion.co.uk and also a great offer on the timeless A line dress in cream, simple trousers, skirts and other beautiful pieces for the modern yogi...



Yogini Room to let in South East London

I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher in South East London and have a beautiful home with one daughter. I am looking for a yogini who would like to rent the room in our house. We are vegetarians and I teach many classes also in my house. Contact Indra Kaur (Anna Lempriere), 07971 290464, anna@artpalpitations.wanadoo.co.uk. RSVP. Satnam.


Picture below: The kids from Miri Piri Academy in India after a some rainfall.


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Weekly Words of Wisdom
KYTA Events
Kundalini Community Noticeboard

Forthcoming Events

For full details see our Events Noticeboard


1-6 June - Great British KY Festival - in Dorset


5 June - Fire Element - with Shakta Kaur in London


12 June - Conscious Pregnancy - with Deva Kaur in Camden


12 June - Devotional Singing - with Benjahmin & Jai Kartar at Alchemy


12 June - Step into Summer - with Devi Kirin Kaur in East Sussex


12 June - The Answers Within - with Patwant Kaur in Maulden


12 June - New Moon & Gong - with Roma at Alchemy


18-20 June - Deep Inside a Woman - with Carolyn Cowan in Iceland


18-21 June - Karam Kriya Women Camp - with Shiv Charan Singh in Italy


26 June - Full Moon Gong - with Mark in Kent


27 June - Meditation In The Park - with Guru Kaur in London


27 June - Step into Summer - with Devi Kirin Kaur in Eastbourne


9-12 July - Bliss in Action - with Shiv Charan Singh in France


10 July - Vibrate the Cosmos - with Dharmatma Kaur in Portsmouth


10 July - Step into Summer - with Devi Kirin Kaur in Gloucestershire


14 July - Gong Workshop - with Mark in Kent


14-18 July - Yoga-Tur Festival - in Spain


27 Jul-4 Aug - Yoga Festival - with Everybody in France


14&15 Aug - Radiant Child - with Cristin Tighe in Southall


Be the Woman - with Guru Kaur online - Free audio course content here

Featured Teacher

Invitation: If you are certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and KYTA member, please be so kind and send us your picture and share some details about your story and passions (70-80 words) so we get to know each other. Blessings and opportunities will come to you!

Teacher Training

Sahej Academy
Contact Hari Har Ji,
01709 893221,
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Karam Kriya School 
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07941 397030,
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School of Kundalini Yoga
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Amrit Nam Sarovar
Contact Har Nal Kaur,
07740 435379,
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The Great British
Kundalini Yoga Festival

Contact Siri Sadhana Kaur,
07985 439 657,
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Alchemy Centre for
Personal Transformation

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