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jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

KYTA Newsletter - Issue 100 - 01/04/2010

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Weekly Words of Wisdom


"Patience pays. Be patient with every impatience, and you will win. The best way to deal with nonsense, obnoxiousness and neurosis is to be patient and have a sense of humour. It works." - Yogi Bhajan



KYTA Events

New Kundalini Yoga Classes

Basantpreet Kaur is starting a class every Sat 10.30 - 11.30am in Fitzrovia. Her classes are demanding to increase the peaceful warrior in us but always embraced by her gentleness and soft voice which offers Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation. Venue: Egoist Body Studios, 6 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5DX. Contact Basantpreet Kaur, 07919 40 64 80, whiteroom.kundalini@googlemail.com.

Angad Singh started two new classes in Brighton: Thu 8.15 - 9.30pm (starting 15th April) at Aloka, 14 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HP. Cost: £9, £7 conc. - 10th class free. And Tue 10 - 11.30am (starting 14th April) at Revitalise, 86 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2EB. Cost: £8, £42 for 6 classes. Contact Angad Singh, 07930 570944, angad@kundalinirising.org, www.kundalinirising.org.

Devi Kirin Kaur starts a 6-weeks-course "Fundamental Aspects of Kundalini Yoga" Tue 9.30 - 11am (begins 6th April) at Mistletoe Barn Hurst Green, East Sussex TN19 7PX. Costs: £48. Contact Devi Kirin Kaur, 07747843287, devikirinkaur71@googlemail.com.


We Love Aquarian Sadhana

Sat 24th April, 22nd May, 26th June 5.30 - 8am at Tulip Yoga Studios

"Life is not under your control, but the rhythm of life is." - Yogi Bhajan

Come to experience group Sadhana in the beautiful surroundings of Tulip Yoga Studios, 3b 9 Park Hill, Clapham, London SW4 9NS, 020 7622 7274. For further info contact Liz Midgley, info@lizmidgley.co.uk, 07939254782. Donations for a chosen charity are welcome. Download Flyer.

Sat 10th & Sun 11th April 5 - 7.30am
with Karam Kriya School at Alchemy

Japji, yoga and meditations with live music. Donations kindly appreciated. "The plain truth is that you must start giving before you start receiving. This is the nature of the Universe we live in.” - Yogi Bhajan

Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH. Enquiries: info@karamkriya.co.uk, www.karamkriya.co.uk. Download Flyer.

Every Sat & Sun 5 - 7.30am & Mon 5th April 5 - 7.30
at Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre

Venue: Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre @ The Sikh Missionary Society, Entrance Dominion Road, 1st floor, Southall UB2 5DP. Contact Gurmail Singh, 0793 1252155, gurmailg@aol.com.

Sat 22nd May 5.30 - 8am
at Mardon House Healing Centre

This is a two and a half hour opportunity to heal, pray, bless yourself and come into a connected space with your inner divinity. Venue: Mardon House Healing Centre, Pinesfield Lane, Trottiscliffe, Nr West Malling, Kent. Contact Donna Swan, 01732 823811, 07778 177289, donna@donnaswan.com.

Click here for more Sadhana.


Just Say No! - Developing the Strength and Courage to Say No!

Sunday 18th April 2 - 5pm
with Angad Singh in Brighton

The appropriate expression of NO! is essential in order for us to exist in the physical world. Saying NO! ensures we can maintain our boundaries and ensures our personal wellbeing. We must be able to say an appropriate NO! to the things we don't want in this world before we are able to say YES! to the things that we do! This workshop will use the tools of kundalini yoga and experiential movement to help you embody the psyche of NO!, develop the strength and courage to express NO! and release negative patterns associated with saying NO!

"Those who do not express their psyche through the vibration of the body will fail in communication and action" -Yogi Bhajan

Costs: £22. Venue: Yoga Haven, Donkey Mews, Brunswick Street East, Brighton, BN3 1AW. For more info please visit www.kundalinirising.org. Book direct with Yoga Haven, info@yogahaven.co.uk, 01273 329 624.


Lighten up for Spring

Sat 24th April 10am - 1pm
with Devi Kirin Kaur in East Sussex

During this workshop, we will be delighting in kundalini yoga kriyas specifically for spring cleaning, focusing on the liver and gall bladder governed by the wood (ether) element. Meditations & inner reflection while personally and collectively enhancing our awareness to ourselves, and all that the season offers. The workshop will allow understanding and integration of what it means to truly bring each seasonal aspect into being. If you long to make changes, be in good company, and want to dive into the depths of your being, the class is not to be missed! Including handouts, seasonal nutritional information, a cup of spring tea to end a lovely inspirational morning. This workshop is part of an ongoing series throughout the year "Staying Healthy with the Seasons".

Costs: £25, conc. available. Venue: Mistletoe Barn, Hurst Green. Contact Devi Kirin Kaur, 07747843287, devikirinkaur71@googlemail.com.


Dr. Mukta Kaur in London

Fri 7th May 6 - 7.30pm at Alchemy:
Introductive Talk & Taster

Sat 8th & Sun 9th May in Southall:
Superhealth - A System of Yogic Science to Break Habits and Addictive Behaviour

This is a 2 day Training for Yoga teachers, healthcare specialists and one interested to enhancing their healing process from recovery to self-discovery: * Specific teachings and practical application of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to successfully deal with all addictive and dependant behaviours such as: Drug consumption, smoking, eating disorders, co-dependency, anxiety, depression and stress. * Experience specific therapeutic juice formulas to accelerate the cleansing and rehabilitation process. Visit www.super-health.net.

Friday: Costs: £15. Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH, 020 7267 6188. Download Flyer.

Weekend: Costs: £185 incl. lunch, juices, and book Meditations for Addictive Behaviour, conc. available. Venue: Mata Sahib Hall, 10 Featherstone Rd, Entrance Dominion Rd, Southall UB2 5AA. Contact Sat Siri Singh, 07502 330 120, sss@kundalini-khalsa.com. Download Flyer.

Kundalini Community Noticeboard

Guru Ram Das Project Appeal

As a charity looking at various new ways of sustaining its work (in the current financial squeeze!), we would like to invite more people to consider, where possible, making a monthly donation or a one-off donation to the GRDP Charity. If you would like to learn more about our work please see the GRDP Newsletter and visit our website www.grdp.co.uk or you are welcome to call me for more details. Monthly standing orders (can be a couple of pounds per month) help us plan regular work. Importantly, we welcome any form of support you feel able to give. Please click the following links to access Membership form or Donation form. We thank all of you who support the GRDP.

Sat nam & blessings, Siri Ganesh Kaur, GRDP-CEO, 020 8361 2488, 07799 133305, sirig@grdp.co.uk.


Meditation in the Park

Meditation in the Park is happening again on Sunday 27th June in Russia Dock Woodland, London SE16 and we are looking for qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers to be part of the volunteer team teaching meditations throughout the day. You can find out more about this event by visiting www.MeditationInThePark.com.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer teacher then you also need to be available between now and Sunday 27th June for several meetings when we go through what we will be teaching on the day. If you don’t want to volunteer to assist you are still most welcome to join us on the day. So put the date in your dairy, get your picnics arranged, bring your friends and come and enjoy a wonderful free day out in one of London’s best kept secrets, home to a kingfisher and rare orchids.

For more info, please contact Guru Kaur or Hari Karam Singh through Meditation in the Park: info@meditationinthepark.com.


Special Spring Offer

Florence (Guru Basant Kaur) is offering sessions of Craniosacral Therapy & Metamorphic Technique for a special price of £40 (instead of £60). Both treatments are very gentle and blissfull to receive yet extremely powerful. Craniosacral helps on physical, mental, emotional levels to release patterns and also to integrate changes we are going through with Kundalini practice and personal development.

The offer is valid until end of April. I am based in London W8, 5mins. walk from High St. Kensington tube station, 15mins. from Earls Court. Contact Florence, 07789681204, florence.hotelet@hotmail.co.uk.


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Forthcoming Events

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1-6 Apr - Level 2 Conscious Communication - with Karam Kriya & SKY in Southall


4 Apr - 12 Step Recovery - with Carolyn Cowan at Alchemy


9 Apr - Creative Radiance - with SKY at Alchemy


10 Apr - Self Worth - with Gurudham Kaur in Cambridge


10 Apr - Inner Self - with Patwant Kaur in Bedfordshire


11 Apr - Nagar Keertan - with GRDP in Southall


16 Apr - Positive Action - with Kathryn McKusker at Alchemy


17 Apr - Path to Emancipation - with Karta Singh at Alchemy


18 Apr - Unlock the Power - with Karta Singh in Southall


24 Apr - Devotional Singing - with Benjahmin & Jai Kartar at Alchemy


25 Apr - Breath Workshop - with Llyn & Richard in Southampton


8-9 May - Superhealth - with Dr. Mukta Kaur in Southall


24-31 May - Yoga Holidays - with Barbara Lyndley on Paxos


27 May-3 Jun - Yoga Retreat - with Kathryn McCusker in Italy


29 May (start) - TT Level 1 - with SKY in Leamington Spa


1-6 Jun - Great British KY Festival - in Dorset


27 Jul-4 Aug - Yoga Festival - with Everybody in France


Be the Woman - with Guru Kaur online - Free audio course content here

Featured Teacher

Invitation: If you are certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and KYTA member, please be so kind and send us your picture and share some details about your story and passions (50-70 words) so we get to now each other. Blessings and opportunities will come to you.

Teacher Training

Amrit Nam Sarovar
Contact Har Nal Kaur,
07740 435379,
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Sahej Academy
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01709 893221,
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Karam Kriya School 
Contact Angad Kaur,
07941 397030,
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School of Kundalini Yoga
Contact Darryl O'Keeffe,
01635 523900,
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The Great British
Kundalini Yoga Festival

Contact Siri Sadhana Kaur,
07985 439 657,
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Alchemy Centre for
Personal Transformation

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