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viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

KYTA Newsletter - Issue 124 - 7/10/2010

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Kundalini Kriya of the Week

Sarabandanda Kriya

1. Begin in triangle pose heels on floor, hands and feet one foot apart from each other (pic 1).

2. From triangle position, inhale coming up on your toes (pic 4), exhale and lower the chin to the floor (pic 2).

3. Inhale into cobra, back arched, arms and legs straight (pic 3).

4. Exhale into triangle pose (pic 1).

Repeat the sequence 27 times (or as often as you can), then relax some minutes and repeat the same number of cycles another two times with a relaxation after each cycle. Relax deeply at the end.

This kriya opens valves in the veins and arteries for complete circulation. It opens the vertebrae to allow blood to flow through every part of the spine and then to every part of the body. It is praised for its outstanding universal healing qualities.

Sarabandanda kriya is said to give warriors such a strength that they could throw their spears with sufficient force to pierce the shields of the enemy.

KYTA Events

New Kundalini Yoga Teachers

We welcome lots of new souls as Kundalini Yoga Teachers Level 1 as taught by Yogi Bhajan in the U.K. God bless

Magdalena Olewinska / Har Jap Kaur
Holly Deane / Har Kirit Kaur
Gemma Birss / Shamrang Kaur
Doyali Farah Islam / Param Purakh Kaur
Louisa Nicholl / Mukhtia Kaur
Olga Triana
Onkardeep Singh Khalsa

from Karam Kriya School

Malcolm Medley / Mahan Deva Singh
Wioletta Sadurek / Karam Kaur
Jean Simms
Danny Bridgeman / Navsaroop Singh
Annelie Gunnarsson
Kirsty Lewis / Parmatma Kaur
Beverley Drumm / Devbir Kaur.
Benjamin Sady
Anna Browne / Ranprem Kaur
Kimba Bridgeman / Navsaroop Kaur

from School of Kundalini Yoga

with infinite patience, compassion and grace to spread the teachings in the Name of the Lord Creator Waheguru. Satnam.


New Kundalini Yoga Classes

Seva Simran Kaur started a new monthly class in Cumbria: Wed 7 - 9pm 20th Oct, 17th Nov and 15th Dec. It will then continue to be every four weeks. At Lower Holker Village Hall, Cark in Cartmel, Cumbria. Costs: £15 if there are up to 6 people, £10 if 7 or more. Contact Seva Simran Kaur, 07733 136007, sevasimrankaur@yahoo.co.uk.

Siri Nirankar Singh offers a new monthly class in Milton Keynes 7 - 8.30pm at Ramgarhia Sabha Temple, Keller close, Kiln Farm MK11 3LH. For dertails contact Siri Nirankar Singh, 01525 861924, info@amritdharma.com, www.amritdharma.com.

Atamjeet Kaur is teaching a new class in Nottingham: Tue 6.45 - 8.15pm at Vision Development Consultants, 2nd Floor, 63-67 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN (look for blue door with ‘Mansell’ sign above). Price: £6.50. Contact Atamjeet Kaur, 07748 071582, wandd@tiscali.co.uk.


Aquarian Sadhana

Sat 9th, Sun 10th, Sat 16th & Sun 17th October 5 - 7.30am
with Karam Kriya School at Alchemy

“You are a human being. ‘Hu’ means ‘halo, light’, ‘Man’ means ‘mental’. ‘Being’ means ‘for the time being’. For the time being, you are a mental halo of light." - Yogi Bhajan. Japji Sahib, yoga and meditations. Live music. Breakfast also offered after sadhana. Donations kindly appreciated.

Venue: Alchemy Centre, Unit 101, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH. Enquiries: info@karamkriya.co.uk, www.karamkriya.co.uk.

Every Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon 5 - 7.30am
Venue: Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre @ Sikh Missionary Society, 1st Floor, Entrance Dominion Road, Southall UB2 5DP.

Click here for more Sadhana.


Karam Kriya: Number 1

Fri 15th October 6.45 - 9.15pm
with Angad Kaur, Suhab Kaur, Jaikar Kaur, Raghurai Singh in London

Every journey has a beginning and once started, it needs to be completed. The physical body started out as one cell. And just as the seed is the first stage of the plant, concentrated and complete in its potential, so the soul is the essence and essential aspect of our being; the seed of our individuality waiting to unfold. The eco-system in which we live begins with Ek, the primal and original source which awakens the soul to the One greater than itself. Through the virtue of humility we have the opportunity to experience unity and find the integrity of the innate spirit within. Number 1 relates to the stomach organ, the first point of entry in the body for food and therefore nourishment, and to the spine which corresponds to the strength and direction of the soul’s will. Download Flyer.

Investment: £15. Venue: The Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, King Cross, London WC1H 9H. Next class: Fri 29th October. Contact Angad Kaur, 07771 803 562, angadkaur@karamkriya.co.uk, Suhab Kaur, suhabkaur@karamkriya.co.uk, www.karamkriya.eu.


Breath and Mind

Sat 16th October 10am - 2pm
with Sat Siri Singh in Southall

"Your mind stops automatically when you are doing a conscious breath. Your mind cannot go anywhere. It comes right to the point and it says: Yes, master! Normally it says: Hey, salve, do what I say! But once you start rhythmic conscious breathing, mind shall stop." - Yogi Bhajan

The experience of the immediate and powerful effect of various breathing techniques on our state of mind, perception and emotion is the agenda of this workshop. The main problem with applying these techniques in everyday life is that we forget about them in situations of stress, tension and fear. Therefore, we need profound experience and regular practice to engrave the habit in our body and mind. Download Flyer.

Investment: £20. Venue: Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre @ Sikh Missionary Society Building, 1st Floor, Entrance Dominion Road, Southall UB2 5DP. Contact Sat Siri Singh, 07502 330120, sss@kundalini-khalsa.com, www.kundalini-khalsa.com.


KY Workshops with Ishwara Kaur

Integrating Shakti & Bhakti
Sat 23rd October 10am - 4.30pm in Lewes

An advanced workshop for Kundalini Yoga teachers. Deepen your understanding and awareness of the vertical and horizontal aspects of Shakti and Bhakti. The two pillars that together bring us to the state of being a Raj Yogi with the qualities of courage, compassion and grace. Investment: £55. Venue: Lewes Subud Centre.

Interested in attending a KY Teacher Training?
Sun 24th October 2pm - 5pm in Brighton

Find out if the training is really for you! Join Ishwara Kaur for an afternoon in Brighton to explore your inspiration, fears and questions. We will look at what is included in the programme for the Teacher Training with some time for reflection on your motivation as well as having some Kundalini Yoga experience. Price: £25. Venue: Natural Bodies, 28/29 Bond Street, Brighton.

Bookings: Devi Kirin Kaur, 07747 843287, devikirinkaur71@gmail.com. For more info: Download Newletter. www.anahata.org.uk, ishwarak@hotmail.co.uk.


Increase Your Conscious Knowledge -
Know Yourself!

Sat 20th November 10am - 2pm
with Monyka Crafford in Southall

This workshop you will identify the cause of stress in your life. If we are stressed we are more prone to illness, bodily pains, headaches, panic attacks, constant tiredness. We find it difficult to focus or concentrate, worry unnecessarily, have difficulty in making decisions, feel angry, tearful, feel shame, guilt and anxiety, have low self-esteem or suffer from depression. During the workshop you will focus on becoming still and silent through the use of pranayama and meditation. The understanding of your physical and psychological reaction to stress will aid you to become better equipped with the knowledge to manage it better. Download Flyer.

Cost: £20. Venue: Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre @ Sikh Missionary Society, 1st Floor, entrance Dominion Road, Southall UB2 5DP. Contact Monyka Crafford, missmcf@gmail.com, 07931 333323.

KYTA Events Plus

Celebration of the Divine Feminine

Sat 30th October 6 - 10pm
with Indra Kaur in Brixton

"Woman is WOW man" - Yogi Bhajan. Connect to the shakti divine goddess energy to heal our planet. An evening of Shakti Kundalini Yoga, chanting, cosmic DJ, vegetarian food, learning Bollywood moves, belly dancer & inspirational speakers on what it is to be a woman in the 21st century. Come together & unite. Dress up to celebrate your wonderful beauty! Download Flyer.

Investment: £20. Venue: Carribean Hindu Temple, 10 Ostade Road, Brixton Hill, London SW2 2BB. Contact Anna (Indra Kaur), 07971 290464, anna@loveyogalife.net.


From where You Are to Who You Are

Fri 12th Nov 3pm - Sun 14th Nov 3pm
with Tajinder Kaur & Devjot Singh in North Devon

A retreat with Kundalini Yoga: Your destination, the true identity of this incarnation, is the result of your journey from where you are, your fate/karma, to who you are, your destiny/dharma. The ancients called this journey rasayana. We will be giving you a map of this journey and clues to your present position. Without these your movement towards your destiny will be random. Two promises to bring to this journey are: I accept my starting point and I believe I can reach my destiny. See our website for more.

Investment: £150 to include all food and accommodation. Venue: Wild Pear Centre, Coombe Martin, Devon, www.primalintegration.com. Contact Tajinder Kaur and Devjot Singh, dave@hotterearthleadership.org, www.nomadyogis.org , www.somalotus.com.

Kundalini Community Noticeboard

KYTA Sevadars Needed for the Yoga Show

Dear teachers, KYTA would need some more volunteers to help representing KYTA and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan at the KYTA stand of the Yoga Show. As you might know the Yoga Show is Fri 29th - Sun 31st October in London Olympia, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX.

It is a great opportunity to do some service for the community, talk about the teachings and meet many curious souls. If you are interested and available, please contact Sat Charan Kaur, satcharankaur@me.com.


More Kundalini News

Click here to read the latest KRI Newsletter.

Click here to read the latest 3HO Aquarian Times Newsletter.


Two new Gong CDs

Kundalini Yoga teacher and Gong Master Satjit Singh who recently performed the evening Gong meditations and closing ceremony at the French Yoga Festival has made two Gong CDs to assist teachers and students during class. "Working closely with the Naad has brought me closer to God, the Gong is a pure source to divine consciousness, I wish all those who listen to my CDs much ascendance and elevation."

Aquarian Transition is ideal for playing during a Kundalini yoga class. Students and teachers alike will feel lifted and supported by the sacred Gong tones and its non-intrusive underscore. Specifically designed to work on the shift into the Aquarian Age vibration, this CD works on many levels both conscious and unconscious.

Sacred Solar Sounds has been created using the finest digital recording equipment available in order to capture the pure undiluted sound of each Planet Gong. Each of the 11 tracks represents the character and energy of the individual Planets in our solar system. Perfect for deep relaxation, or as a tool during meditation. Both CD's are available from Satjits website; www.gong-healing.com £12 inc P&P.


In this Issue

Kundalini Kriya of the Week
KYTA Events
KYTA Events Plus
Kundalini Community Noticeboard

Forthcoming Events

For full details see our Events Noticeboard


9 Oct - Radiant Woman - with Ishwara in Hove


9 Oct - 7 Steps to Happiness - with Har Nal Kaur in Southall


10-11 Oct - 24 Hours Meditation - with Jagat Joti Kaur at Maudsley Hospital


10 Oct - Self-Worth - with Ishwara in Havant


Start 10 Oct - Chakras Series - with Patwant Kaur in Bedfordshire


Start 16 Oct - KY Teacher Training Level 1 - with Karam Kriya in London


20-24 Oct & 3-7 Nov - Marrakech Yoga Break - with Tabitha Dean in Morocco


Start 23rd Oct - KY Teacher Training Level 1 - with ANS in Southall


23 Oct - Self-Acceptance - with Harinder Kaur in Lanchester


23 Oct - Baba Sri Chand - with Amandeep Singh in India


23-28 Ocy  - Lifecycles and Lifestyles - with i-SKY in Ufton Court


24 Oct - Yoga for Real Life - with Maya Fiennes in Milton Keynes


25 Oct - Yoga for Real Health - with Maya Fiennes at Alchemy


29-31 Oct - KY Samhain Retreat - with Anajali & Preet Kaur in Glastonbury


29-31 Oct - The Yoga Show - at London Olympia


1-7 Nov - Lama Nanak Sharnam - with Amandeep Singh in India


3-7 Nov - Marrakech Yoga Break - with Tabitha Dean in Marrakech


5-9 Nov - KYTT Level 1 - with Karam Kriya School in Devon & Portugal


5 Nov - Serpent Healing - with Kwali Kumara at Alchemy


12 Nov - Nadis and Marmas - with Avtar Kaur in East London


24 Nov-8 Dec - Kerala Yoga Adventure - with Tabitha Dean in India


26 Nov - Creativity & Prosperity - with Kathryn McCusker at Alchemy

Featured Teacher

Invitation: If you are certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and KYTA member, please be so kind and send us your picture and share some details about your story and passions (70-80 words) so we get to know each other. Blessings and opportunities will come to you!

Teacher Training

Amrit Nam Sarovar
Contact Har Nal Kaur,
07740 435379,
write an email

Sahej Academy
Contact Hari Har Ji,
01709 893221,
write an email

Karam Kriya School 
Contact Angad Kaur,
07941 397030,
write an email

School of Kundalini Yoga
Contact Darryl O'Keeffe,
01635 523900,
write an email

Alchemy Centre for
Personal Transformation

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